My Dream To Open A Big Store

Hello Everyone my name is Henrietta and I have worked in the Beauty Industry for 14 years!!! I decided to start an online beauty supply called Stunning Beauty Supply LLC. For a bit I found a location in Burnsville which is based in Dakota county but the area I was located in was very hard to get customers attention to come and shop.  Lately I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from customers looking to come and shop with me but I currently don’t have an actual location I am only online and I only ship products to customers. It has crossed my mind to open the small location again just until I am able to get into a bigger space. I have been looking high and low and I finally have come across a location that would be perfect as far as traffic and be able to get attention from a lot of customers.  Currently with Covid-19 hardship it is hard to receive funding. Also In Dakota County there are no beauty supplies that cater to individuals with natural or textured hair. Opening up a location will save a lot of customers a long ride and money for gas to drive to the inner city to purchase these products, and this will be a great opportunity not only for customers but also for other businesses as well!!!
All funding received will assist with rent & utilities, and start up costs. Any help would greatly be appreciated!!! And Thank You So Much In Advance!!!
~Stunning Beauty Supply

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