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Hair Growth At It’s Finest

Who doesn’t like a great hair growth regimen. I know I do. You don’t need much, and you don’t need a lot of products. All you need is a great system and some great products to assist with your everyday hair care goals. I’m going to tell you what I do, and use to maintain my hair and my two daughters hair as well.

Sometimes figuring out what products to use are all about trial and error, that’s what happened to me and my daughters as all three of us do not have the same hair texture but I have used enough products to know what will work and will not work for each of our hair individually.  After using so many products, I’ve narrowed it down to what it is that our hair really need. And by need I mean, what is our hair lacking, and what are we trying to tackle? Is it hair growth; or maybe dry and itchy scalp; or maybe lacking moisture. Or maybe a combination of all 3!!! 

Well first and foremost we all want longer and thicker hair. And in order to do that you will need a combination of products to make that happen. You’ll need a good shampoo, conditioner, detangler, oil, moisturizer, or hair grease. A lot of people don’t like hair grease because it can weigh down the hair and be gunky. I prefer hair oil because it’s not as messy for me!!! But everyone has their preference, so choose what you desire.

Now for the products I love 💕 to use. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner I currently use The Mielle Rice Water line for my daughters and myself. I love the way it makes our hair feel clean but yet not stripped. After washing and conditioning I also do a deep conditioner to lock in moisture. Moisture is very important for the hair. Not only will this aid in less split ends which is another subject for another day, but it helps with not having dry hair and growth. I currently use the Africa’s Best hair mayonnaise for deep conditioning. You can use any hair mayonnaise, or cholesterol, or even a hot oil treatment. So after deep conditioning, I towel blot a little. Then comes the oil I love to use which is also a heat protector at the same time. I use the Olive Oil brand thermal protector before apply any heat and before blow drying. And I also use my den-man brush to keep the hair from getting tangled. And if you have some time you can put your hair away. This is where you’ll need some moisture and I use BB oil moisturizer. Part your hair into sections so you can apply the moisturizer to the hair and use either hair grease or a hair oil with a sprout to put in your parts after braiding, twisting or styling your hair into its desired style!!! 

Well there you have it. The products I use are The Mielle Rice water Shampoo and Conditioner, for deep conditioner I use Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise. For heat protection I use ORS olive oil thermal protectant. For a good moisturizer I use the BB oil moisturizer. For a great hair grease I recommend the African Pride hair grease and for a great hair oil I recommend Wild growth!!! I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully you’ll be able to implement these great products in your hair care regimen.



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