Our lease is over this month, we will be switching back to online shopping only starting Wednesday March 22nd. Please check us out on Google to stop in and shop before we close our doors for in-store shopping. It has been a pleasure serving you all, this is only a temporary goodbye please shop with us online as we will continue shipping out our products and delivering as well give us a call if you have any questions!!! 🥹🛍

My Dream To Open A Big Store

Hello Everyone my name is Henrietta and I have worked in the Beauty Industry for 14 years!!! I decided to start an online beauty supply called Stunning Beauty Supply LLC. For a bit I found a location in Burnsville which is based in Dakota county but the area I was located in was very hard to get customers attention to come and shop.  Lately I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from customers looking to come and shop with me but I currently don’t have an actual location I am only online and I only ship products to customers. It has crossed my mind to open the small location again just until I am able to get into a bigger space. I have been looking high and low and I finally have come across a location that would be perfect as far as traffic and be able to get attention from a lot of customers.  Currently with Covid-19 hardship it is hard to receive funding. Also In Dakota County there are no beauty supplies that cater to individuals with natural or textured hair. Opening up a location will save a lot of customers a long ride and money for gas to drive to the inner city to purchase these products, and this will be a great opportunity not only for customers but also for other businesses as well!!!
All funding received will assist with rent & utilities, and start up costs. Any help would greatly be appreciated!!! And to show our appreciation, everyone that donates will receive 20% off to shop with Stunning!!! All you have to do is screen shot your donation receipt and if you shop online make sure to email it to us at stunningbeautysupplymn@gmail.com and we’ll send you a 20% off code to use at checkout, or if you reside in the state of Minnesota show us the proof when you stop in our location and you’ll get 20% off in our mini location.  And Thank You So Much Again In Advance!!! Your donations mean the world to us, and we will do everything we can to open a larger location!!! 
~Stunning Beauty Supply

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